Biotechnology Research Directorate
The Biotechnology Research Directorate is carrying out the following Mission :
Conduct applied scientific research in the following fields:
1.1- Use of different biotechnologies in the selection and genetic improvement of plant varieties and plant genetic resources.
1.2- Molecular characterization of plant varieties and genetic resources through DNA fingerprinting using various molecular markers.
1.3-Propagation of plants and agricultural crops and production of plants free of diseases.
1.4- In vitro production of medicinal plants to benefit from their active constituents.
1.5- Propagation and conservation of rare and endangered plant species..
Detect genetically modified crops and foods.
Contribute to the development of Bio-safety regulations and legislation.
Apply quality control rules on the seeds of certified field crops varieties.
Run agricultural seed testing (germination, analytical purity, ...) according to the instructions of the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA).
Provide a database in the field of seeds.
Manage Al-Hussein Agricultural Research Station in coordination and cooperation with the research directorates.
Qualify and capacity build up of technical staff.
Publish and document the results of agricultural research carried out in the Directorate.
Prepare the annual plan for the implementation of the work assigned to the Directorate and follow-up its implementation.
The Directorate has the following departments and divisions , which carry out the tasks assigned to it: