MoE and NARC Engagement in the Conservation of Wild Pollinators

A meeting was held today between the Minister of Environment Nabeel Masarweh, the Secretary General of the MoE Dr. Mohammed khashashneh, and the Director General of NARC Dr. Nizar Haddad, to discuss the potential collaboration on a project that is destined to conserve pollinators' diversity in Jordan among the participating countries, namely: Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Turkey and Palestine, to enhance the climate change resilience in an economically self-sustaining way. The project's jointly implemented by NARC and ICARDA.

The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the mechanisms with which farmers are going to increase their agricultural production and reduce their use of pesticides, to positively affect the agricultural sector through finding products that are safe and free of pesticides' residues, especially in open areas.

Joining the International Alliance for the Protection of Wild Pollinators was also discussed, which will help facilitate the entry of Jordanian agricultural products to compete in the global markets, as 80% of agricultural crops depend on insect pollinators.

It's worth mentioning that NARC implements many research experiments that increase the agricultural production efficiency in terms of quantity and quality by insect pollinators.

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