NARC organizes a workshop on Non-conventional Water Reuse

NARC held a workshop at Ramtha Research Station for Treated Water, targeting farmers, Ministry of Water and Irrigation engineers and researchers to compare drip irrigation, surface irrigation, subsurface irrigation and sprinkler systerms over alfalfa crop.

This workshop has been conducted as an activity within the project 'Non-conventional Water Re-use in Agriculture in Mediterranean Countries' (MENAWARA), which is implemented in five Mediterranean countries in the Mediterranean, namely, (Italy - Spain - Jordan - Tunisia - the Palestinian Authority), and aims to contribute to increasing the availability of water for agricultural purposes through the use of treated water; in order to reduce the pressure on fresh water through providing additional resources, improving water use efficiency and enhancing the management of treated water by the deployment and exploitation of innovative solutions that improve the quality of treated water for reuse in agriculture.

The project is designed to enhance access to water through wastewater treatment for reuse as supplementary irrigation.

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