Agricultural Innovation Incubator

The National Agricultural Research Center has taken a national initiative role through the establishment of the Agricultural Innovation Incubator in February 26, 2019. This initiative for supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups manifested and aligned with the message and remarks of His Majesty King Abdullah for supporting and promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity related to the agricultural sector to achieve food security and promoting sustainable agriculture. The Agricultural Innovation Incubator is mainly destined to incubate a diverse array of innovative and creative works and to create spectacular success stories embracing innovative youth ideas. This lies in our mission in disseminating science, agricultural knowledge and technologies aiming to transform the ideas of entrepreneurship into real projects that realize sustainable development and enhance the national economy.

The Incubator Goals

  • Supporting the innovators, entrepreneurs and startups through the provision of a convenient working environment to become able to compete in the markets
  • Linking agricultural innovation with the latest communication and technology information to enhance the values of innovation in agriculture
  • Contributing to the establishment of productive and/or service agricultural projects within the scope of the initiative
  • Maintaining the sustainability of innovative projects within the project's timetable

Who’s Eligible to Apply for the Incubator?

  • Agricultural and business entrepreneurs
  • Start-ups and small and medium enterprises
  • Local community within the scope of the incubator

Major Benefits of the Incubation

- Securing an appropriate environment to facilitate the establishment of existing and new projects

- Creating new jobs and employment opportunities for youth

- Enhancing and supporting agricultural technology and business development

- Increasing awareness of entrepreneurship among individuals and considering opportunities for business creation

- Promoting the spirit ofentrepreneurship, innovation and support of small enterprises to set out their position in the labor market

- Encouraging the establishment of economically feasible investments that contribute to the increase of income levels and number of projects in the community

- Enhancingnetworking and mentoring, increasing visibility and gaining high level of respect by impressive development and achievement, and increasing chances to secure funding

- Providing the technical and consultative support to the owners of the innovative initiative, as long as the project persists

- Facilitating know how networking, partnership with supplier, farmers, farmers associations, non government organizations, government entities, and potential and future investors from the private industries

Guidelines and the Incubation Process

In the last a few years, the National Agricultural Research Center has seen a decline in the farming area due to start-up costs, finding spots in the market and lacking of knowledge and social support. The Agricultural Innovation Incubator came out to reflect its message in qualifying entrepreneurs and agricultural innovators to become competent in the market and shifting them from job seekers into owners of small & medium enterprises. At the same time, the National Agricultural Research Center emphasizes the values of participation, transparency and social responsibility in achieving the NARC's vision, mission and key values.

  1. The agricultural Innovation Incubator Center is a program and forum for values-based leadership and the exchange of ideas. It was established at the main headquarters of the National Agricultural Research Center. As required, additional incubator branches may be created in the NARC's research centers.

  2. An application can be submitted (Form) to the Agricultural Innovation Incubator at, the innovation team within the National Agricultural Centre will examine the submitted applications, and as deemed appropriate, the applications will be sent to the scientific committee for further action.

  3. The administrative and technical duties of the incubator are supervised by the Directorate of Intellectual Property Management and Protection at the center. The Directorate’s Director facilitates its functions such ratifying the budget of the incubator and submitting the same for consent, ratifying the work reports submitted by the intellectual property protection unit on the progress of existing projects for two years (extension and/or suspension of work on a given project based on grounds & justifications).

The Current Active projects in the Agricultural Innovation Incubator

The primary focus and pathway of the Agricultural Innovation Incubator to incubate a mixed range of agricultural technologies-based startups and to support technologies related economic development activities in its facility. The main goal is to increase the number of successful companies originating and developing in the agriculture sector. The Agricultural Innovation Incubator was successful in attracting several entrepreneurs to the incubator to promote the growth of their businesses. These are:

  • Biosphere: an agricultural business that specializes primarily in the production of leafy green and fresh fish as a secondary product. While conserving approximately 95% of the fresh water used in traditional farming methods. The farm consists of two main segments: aquaculture and hydroponics.

  • Bookagri: started in Balqa/Salt with 13 different farming partners from the local community by training them on different experiences to engage visitors with one hosted on their farms. Now Bookagriis quickly expanding to other locations within and outside Jordan.

  • Moringa: growing moringa plant as a super food for healthy life.

  • Decapolis: provides a platform for certification the quality of food to producers worldwide. Decapolis provides guaranteed premium goods for which the end-to-end supply chain complies with strict quality control standards using blockchain. The end-customer at the point of sale is able to view the provenance of the food product and certification at each stage using a smartphone.

  • Solvillion: a start-up provides innovative engineering solutions in full package services to its customers, related to water & sanitation systems and renewable energy. In a safe, low cost, green and high-quality standards. Including pre and post consultation and customer services.

  • Fairouz, Bee Care: a bee-based handmade soap, bath and body products from locally made honey. All products are natural chemicals free, made with natural oils, butters and bees products.

  • AgriInvests: a project management for micro and macro agriculture projects by giving a consultation and comprehensive project plan by using big data and real case study.

  • E-Fresco: a global virtual marketplace that facilitates B2B trading and the supply chain from farm to fork. The portal provides block chain based shipping services for fresh produce.

  • Mayyas: foundation for hydroponics, fertilizer and seed trade that works within the field of modern agriculture to increase water use efficiency for irrigation purposes and to increase the quality of agricultural crops.

  • Saffron: a pilot project to produce saffron on their own farm.
  • Organic Compost by treating and using an aerobic treatment for the agricultural waste in Almafraq region and other wastes from slaughtering houses and parks.
  • Vegetation sensors backed with communication interface and with AI and machine learning technologies BY Smart Sustainable Agricultural Solutions for Jordan.
  • PalmProtect device using ultrasonic sounds to detect date palm red weevil such as Agrint and Palmear.
  • Compost and manure fertilizers production using agricultural wastes.
  • Ghoorcom using ICT for marketing agrifood products. Its a platform to connect and market agrifood products from farmers to consumers including logistic and electronic payments for agrifood products.
  • Alyusur sustainable development project to enhance rural women and youth.